12/04/2018 · I bought 2 fire sticks and it took sometime to set up the apps and sign in to them all. Is there a way duplicate this first one and transfer it over to the other one or do i have to do it from scratch again? I don't have kodi on it.

11 Nov 2015 So, does anyone know if there's a way to clone a stick so that Kodi and everything else I've installed onto it will be on the other sticks when  18 Apr 2018 For Amazon, the Fire Stick is to video content as the Kindle is to books: after they've installed the third party software of choice (usually Kodi). 21 Nov 2018 Amazon Firestick · Android · Android Box Hello, Guys welcome to the install guide on the Exodus Clone Kodi addon. It is a new In order to add Exodus Clone on Kodi, you have to search for the Mr. Free World Repository. 5 Oct 2015 This guide shows you how to sideload APK files like Kodi onto a 1st-gen Fire TV, 2nd-gen Fire TV, or Fire TV Stick using adbFire on a Windows 

Assuming you ideally have the same version of Kodi installed on both Fire Sticks: Get the 'Backup' program add-on on the Stick you want to copy from. Use it to Backup (copy) your set-up to a network share or whatever storage you have. Then, use the 'Backup' add-on on the other Stick to Restore, or

03/07/2020 · Last Updated on July 3, 2020. No doubt, Exodus Redux is one of the most popular and worthy Addons available for all those who are using Kodi. So, if you are that guy who wants to learn How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi, Then you came to the perfect place. Exodus Clone Kodi Addon is a Kodi video Addon from Mr Free World Repository. For all those who have used the Exodus add-on earlier, it is similar to that but the difference is that it comes with a more cleaner and simpler interface.

Oct 13, 2015 - Protect yourself from catastrophe, clone your Kodi configuration onto multiple devices, or share your Kodi build with others by creating a Kodi 

Cloning Kodi to a limited device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick is amongst the most complicated type of cloning you’ll encounter. Doing it on any other device is a piece of cake compared to it. Of course, if your target device runs Android, you can install ES File Explorer on it and use one of the two methods described previously. For other devices, there are countless ways you can go about cloning the Kodi configuration. Let’s concentrate on two of them that are the most used. One way to copy Kodi setup on Fire TV devices is using adbLink, using the Backup and Restore options. Described here is another way that should work for Fire TV, Android devices, and PC. This Kodi cloning guide may look lengthy, but it took me just about an hour to get all my Kodi devices to look the same. That's less than 10 minutes per device. So let's jump right in. Clonage de Kodi sur un périphérique limité tel que leAmazon Fire TV Stick est l’un des types de clonage les plus complexes que vous rencontrerez. Le faire sur n'importe quel autre appareil est un morceau de gâteau comparé à cela. Bien entendu, si votre appareil cible utilise Android, vous pouvez y installer ES File Explorer et utiliser l’une des méthodes décrites précédemment From here all you need to do is browse to the Kodi folder we created on our desktop. Open it and make sure it looks like the directory structure below. Simply click “Select Folder” and you’ll be greeted with another progress bar in the bottom right corner of adbFire. Once complete you’ll get a notice saying Kodi has been successfully restored. Now all you have to do is test your setup on your new Kodi box to make sure the clone worked properly.